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It’s morning here on the Court.  Awake before 6:00, I go about the business of preparing for work:

1) Feed the cats

2) Clean the litter box

3) Separate the snarling cats

4) Let some of the cats out for the day

5) Do all the things I need (coffee, clean up kitchen debris, etc)

6) Stop and have the coffee and read the news (on line of course)

7) Separate snarling cats again

8) Feed the squirrels

9) Get out the door and drive to work, it’s got to be quieter there.

Breakfast is a busy time here; the visitor cats (yep, still here) are very active at night so they want a good meal before the curl up and sleep the day away.  The predator wants a good meal before she goes out to stalk anything smaller than she is.  The Big Guy prefers wet food in the morning, goes out side for a bit then comes back in for the next course, dry food.  Missey, always the picky eater, samples the wet bowl and daintily steps away, not wanting to let on that she really likes this one or that one.

A half hour after the morning’s activity starts, they’ve all  had their fill and drift off to different parts of the house; some to sleep and others to begin the day’s adventures.

Predator sits by me at the table, cautiously sniffing each item on my plate.  She does not like human food but I believe she is cataloging the smells, trying to identify the source.  It’s like she is compiling a list of things she’d like to hunt (eggs, they’re from birds and they’re good to eat….  yogurt is from cows, too big to attack…) and on it goes.  She tires of this and goes out to the back yard.

Missey settles down on the floor by the TV.  From here she can see the both the hallway to the bedrooms and the back door; easy for her to keep track of the comings and goings of the rest of the pride.  As she is the pride’s alpha, she needs to keep an eye out for them.

I’m finishing the coffee, the news and it’s off to work.


The Oak Court pride has 3 regular members: Missey, Precious the Predator and The Big Guy.  For the summer, we’ll be hosting 2 kitties for a friend.  Oh, the kitties,  just short of their 2nd birthday, are brother and sister.

They were introduced to the regular residents over the weekend and, aside from some staring and the occasional hiss, things have been quiet.  Missey wasn’t too pleased to see the vacationing couple come int he door with their luggage (cat food, litter box and toys).  The Oak Court gang is used to the occasional visit from a stray (strays have no luggage and don’t stay more than a day).  Missey is more concerned that they will like the place and want to spend a few months here.

Precious carefully moves through the house, looking for the visitors; she’s a little intimidated as the visitors are much larger than she (OK, they’re Maine Coons and are twice her size).  She spends her days on top of cabinets, dressers and other high places.  And Big Guy, also a big cat, isn’t sure what to make of them yet.  He doesn’t get close to them, preferring to hang out on the dining room table where he can see their comings and goings.

We haven’t seen any swatting or smacking yet; the pride seems to have accepted the presence of the vacationers.  As long as there is food in the bowls, water in the dish and clean litter in the pan, things will work out.