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I work for a large telecommunications company and spend my days in a cubicle.  Today, however, I’m at home. The  office is moving and I’ve been asked to work remotely while they handle the logistics.  So I get to spend the day working at home under the watchful eye of the Oak Court Cats.

Instead of getting up at 5:20 I slept in until 6:20 (not having a commute and being able to have breakfast at the keyboard saves me an hour).  The cats made it clear that my extra hour in the sack was unacceptable and several of them came up on the bed to voice their displeasure.    Once up, fed them and went about my morning stretching and regular routines.  This was judged to be acceptable by the cats.

They were not at all happy when I set up the company laptop on the desk; after all this was where they would camp out in the morning (it sits int he southern facing window and gets a good amount of sun).  I’d work for a few minutes and one of them would climb up on the desk and attempt to push something out of the way. This went on for half an hour;  I gave up and moved to another location.

At one point I went to the kitchen for a 2nd cup of coffee; clearly not acceptable as my walking through the room disturbed the queen who had been sleeping on the floor, in front of the counter where the coffee maker resides.  No coffee for me.

I decide to go to the bedroom and use the writing table.  It’s not near a window so they shouldn’t complain about taking up a sunny window sill.  They follow me into the bedroom and assume positions around the room; some on the bed, others on top of dressers and closets.  Presently three of them are sleeping while the Predator stares down at me from the closet.  Seems they are taking turns monitoring my activities. Are they checking in with my boss?  Are they corporate stool pigeons, planted here to ensure that I worked the entire 8 hour day without taking time off to pick up a non-corporate task?

This is going to be a long day.  I’m already fighting to stay awake, a difficult task.  There must be some research somewhere that supports my theory that snoring cats will suborn any attempts to concentrate on anything other than sleeping.

Somehow I’ll make it, maybe that 4th or 5th coffee will keep me awake.  Maybe I should see if there are any of those 5-hour energy drinks in the fridge…