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Thought I’d update on a previous post.  It’s been over 2 months since the Little Princess passed away and her brother is still looking for her.

Most mornings he’s at the back door at 6:00, wanting to go outside.  When he finally gets out he’ll sit on the top of the steps, looking out across the yard toward her favorite spots.  This goes on for maybe 2 hours before he slowly comes in, snacks then curls up on the bed where she’d spend her mornings and sleeps.  In the evening he’ll want to go out at dusk and repeats the process.

We’ve tried to make things a bit easier; scrubbed carpets and pillows where she used to be so that he wouldn’t be reminded of her scent. We also rearranged chairs and pillows differently so he’d not look in the old spots.  Not working out; he continues to wait every morning and evening, hoping the Little Princess will come running up the side walk.

Now, he’s not wasting away or anything like that.  A recent trip to the vet reassured us that he’s healthy and just as heavy as before.   The gray fur ball (or boulder)  has his preferences (“yes, I like that salmon shrimp flavored snack but don’t give me the crunchy cheese snack, please”) (“what, the water bowl is empty, Oh the humanity”) (“That’s my sleeping spot, you can sleep on the floor”).

The other court cats are just fine.  The Queen is battling the winter cold by refusing to go outside, even when taunted by the squirrels scampering about the kitchen.  The predator awaits the warm weather; she’s not been foraging for a while and I’m sure the lizard population is growing.  And the big guy is enjoying the weather.  His coat is full now; he now resembles a small bear as he trundles across the back yard.  He was a bit depressed in early January when a neighbor moved out and took their little black and white kitty with them.  A week later the new tenants moved in and he can now be seen patrolling the neighborhood with their black cat in the mid afternoons.

All is well on the court.