It has been quite a while since I last posted here so let me bring you up to date.

In 2017 we saw the arrival of 21 kitties and worked hard to get them collected and taken over to the shelter to be neutered.  We were able to catch 20.  Over the next year these guys all migrated from the backyard (where the factory home of the colony is) to the court itself.  These guys settled in, as seen in the pictures.  Over the last 2 years a few of their number have either moved on

or have not survived the winter; as of April 2019 there were 13 members of the colony still living on the Court.

Day 2

The spring 2018 litter of 5 cats has made it through the winter and into the spring of 2019.  The only female in the liter has just delivered 4 kittens.  Attempts were made to capture them but I’m not sure if there was a successful T-N-R.


Things have also changed for our 4 cats.  I have retired and moved back east.  My son has moved to a small house in the next town over and my granddaughter has moved in with a friend.  The Oak Court  Cats have moved away.

So the youngest kitty (now 3 years old) has moved with my granddaughter.  My son has taken the Gray (now maybe  10 years old) with him. Recently he adopted another senior cat, part Maine Coon; the pair are learning to put up with each other.  I moved  3,000 miles to the east and brought the tortie and Mr.Big with me.

That’s it for now, the Trip will be chronicled on a later blog entry.