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I left a note (last week) concerning the fate of the 2 “visitor cats”.  After  weeks of phone calls, e-mails and visits it was clear the cats didn’t have much of a future if they went back to the rescue center.  At 3 years old, the chances of being adopted are not all that good.  Unfortunately people like the kitties but don’t seem to be interested in them when they are older.

I asked the Oak Court Cats if they would accept the visitors as residents here on the Court.  I’m not sure what they really felt but the 3 of them stared back at me as if they understood what I was talking about.  I explained the problem and the alternatives the pair faced.  The Court Cats continued to stare at me, as if they comprehended.

Finally I finished and waited.

I don’t how they really felt, we never figured out the whole human/cat language thing.  The visitors, however, have a new home.  We (the people on the Court) decided to take them in.  They’ll learn the ways of the Court, learn how to go in and out the cat door, how to wake the old man up in the morning when there isn’t any crunchie-munchie mix in the bowl and, most importantly, they’ll learn not to chase the squirrels in the yard.

I’ll post a few pictures of the pride next week, trying to figure out how to get all  of to sit still long enough for a group photo.