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It’s Christmas on the Court and the Cats are celebrating.

The pile of presents around the tree kept them pretty busy for the last few days.  Different scents from different packages have distracted them from their “normal” activities (sleeping, looking out the windows, eating and more sleeping).  The big guy takes an occasional pass at the pile of goodies, hoping to find a stray cat treat tucked into the corner of a present.  Sorry, I didn’t bury any treats, that’s Easter he’s thinking about.

Santa brought the cats a pound of catnip (that will keep them happy for a while). They also got a bag of those little toy mice to play with.  Precious snorts and walk away from the gift; she’d rather have a real one.

The newest members of the community have been staring at the tree for 2 weeks now.  Seems they have only recently been introduced to the outdoors and are still  not sure about the tree-in-the-house thing.  The others are used to the annual living room forest and are no longer interested in climbing the branches.

Missey, the senior member of the community, is not all impressed with the Christmas Morning bustle when we people tear off wrapping paper and leave a pile of gift-debris on the floor.  the others carefully inspect the paper pile, curiously sniffing each and every piece of paper, ribbon or box.  Missey watches the proceedings from the back of the sofa, sneaking the occasional glance out of the corner of her eye.

The people in the hose had a fine dinner; the cats shared a few cans of a ‘wet’ canned  food, the one with the pampered and finicky  white fluff ball in the ads.  (Ok, the Oak Court Cats have long been fans of  Friskies “Classic Pate Seafood” varieties).  It’s getting late now and the cats have started to settle in for the evening.  Missey is curled up on my pillow; Precious the Predator  is up on top of the cabinet.  The Big Guy is making himself comfortable on my grand daughter’s bed.  The new guys (brother and sister Maine Coons) are still prowling but are making their way to the back of the sofa where they can watch out the front window until they drift off to sleep.

So, the cats made it through Christmas; hope you had a good day as well.