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Summer has ended on the court and that brings the visit to an end.  Last week the 2 Maine Coons who were staying with us this summer were picked up by their ‘person’ and returned home.  The Oak Court Cats took their departure much the same way cats react to most any change:  Indifference.

Missey was the first to “not” notice that the visitors were not sprawled across her favorite sleeping place on the sofa.

The big guy was able to return to the top platform  of the cat tower in the living room, resuming his position as if he’d been there every day during the summer.

Precious returned to the back window sill where she could look out over the back yard; keeping an eye out for any unfortunate critter that tried to cross the yard.

Old routines picked up as if they had not been interrupted at all. Precious was standing on the pillow at 6:00 AM looking for a snack; Missey would wait, patiently, as I put a few treats into her bowl at dinner time and the big guy wold sit by the open back door at sunset, waiting for me to come out back and lite up a cigar and scratch his ears.  With the visitors here we had to skip a number of the routine events but, as soon as they had left, the cats resumed .  Like I said, Indifference; they are not fazed much by change.

So, as the last blast of summer heat bears down on us, the cats are stretched out on the floor, trying to keep cool. Later they’ll head for the kitchen for a meal then back to cool doorways and garage floors.  For the Oak Court Cats, they don’t respond to change; they just ignore it and maybe it will go away.