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Tonight the cats are quiet. One of the members of our little community has passed away.  Our young Maine Coon, the little princess, had developed a problem with her lungs and her condition deteriorated quickly.   Her people were with her when she went to sleep.

The Little Princess

The Oak Court Cats knew that she was having problems and were very quiet today.  Before Little Princess left the house the others were sitting on the bed, all watching the door to the room where she was.

Earlier today she took a stroll out into the back yard, spending an hour out in the grass.  It’s as if she knew she was going to leave and wanted to take just one more walk.

The little princess was young, just about 3 and a half years old but had a good life.  The last year she spent here was a great year.  She had been an indoor cat until we first took her out into the yard last summer and let her roam.  She’d spend hours out there with the others, chasing bees, butterflys and the occasional bird who flew too low.  She’d sit under the tree as the squirrels ran around  and, frequently, right up to her.  She accepted them as members of the community and never gave chase.

Cold nights would find her buried deep under a blanket; warm nights would find her sleeping on the floor in the living room or back in one of the bedroom windows.

She wasn’t a lap cat but would settle down next to someone on the couch, just close enough to allow that person to stroke her fur, scratch her ears and her chin.  I don’t think she ever bit or clawed me, even at play.  Yes, she was a good cat and she’ll be missed.

Her brother, Fatty, is asleep on the bed tonight.  He has been very quiet tonight; I believe he knows she’s gone.  This is the first night in his life she hasn’t been near him; makes us all sad here on the Court.  Somehow he’ll get used to life without his partner, it’ll take some time but he’ll come out ok.  After all, he has his family here, on Oak Court.

So good night Little Princess, we’ll miss you.