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Two of the regular inhabitants of the court are known for their thick coats; Missey is a Weegie, a Norwegian Forest Longhair while Mr Big Guy is a Maine Coon.  With the hot weather upon us, they are shedding and suffering.  Right now it’s mid day and both of them are in the coolest corner of the house, stretched out sleeping.

Both are brushed regularly and, in the warm weather, we try to help them cope by keeping an eye on their undercoat.  The Big Guy’s thick fur is thinned now and Missey, well . . . she’s not furry at all right now.

All the cats drink more water in summer; even the little tonkinese  drinks a fair amount several times a day.  Missey prefers the bottled water from the refrigerator, then again, she is the queen and has come to expect the royal treatment.

So today they’ll be dormant for a few more hours, coming to life around 6:00.  The pride will congregate at the back door, waiting to go out and resume their neighborhood patrol.  There are squirrels, birds and neighborhood dogs to be watched; neighborhood kids to be avoided and the occasional stray cat to be chased away.

Tonight they settle down around 10:00 and we’ll give them a quick brush, removing any stray grass or weed from their coats.

In the meantime, I’ve got to clean up their toys, fill the water dishes and freshen up litter boxes.