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It’s been a week since Peanut passed away and the cats have begun to move on.

The Queen continues to walk through the house looking for the tabby.  She assumed the role of  ‘alpha’ a few years ago and keeps an eye on the rest of the pride.  In the mornings she comes into the kitchen for first feeding and looks around then sits, looking at me.  The tabby would usually be sitting up on the kitchen stool, waiting patiently for breakfast.  Missey looks at the stool then back at me.  Yes Missey, I know, Peanut isn’t here today.

The big cat is a little lost as well.  He enters the living room looking for Peanut; the 2 of them would roll around the floor in mock combat then head to the kitchen for a quick snack before resuming the battle.  Now he comes in the room and looks around.  Mr Big has taken to sleeping on my bed at night; he used to bunk with Peanut on the couch.

The biggest change of all has been with the tonkinese, the predator.  She doesn’t go out as much as before and is becoming a lap cat.  She even puts up with the big cat’s attention now.

It’ll take a few weeks or maybe a few months before they’ve all adjusted to the smaller pride.  Missey will continue to watch over the 2 younger ones.

The humans have also began to move on.  I still pause when I go through the kitchen, expecting to see Peanut on the stool, looking for a snack.  He had developed a habit of reaching out with his paw and tapping me on the arm when he wanted to get my attention.  I miss that.