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It’s quiet on the court tonight.    The cats are settled down early tonight; it’s been a rough few days here.

Mr. Peanut, the tabby, didn’t come in on Sunday evening.  We looked around the neighborhood but he didn’t come back to the house.  We know that occasionally a cat will find something that they find interesting and they loose track of time.  We  humans have learned to expect this behavior.

Monday morning came and he didn’t come in.  We were worried and started to canvass the neighborhood again.  Calls to animal control and the Humane Society were made; no sign of the golden tabby.

On Tuesday evening, on a hunch I went out into the yard again, looking places I had looked earlier. I found my tabby.

I remember how he was on Sunday.  We had rain in the morning followed by a gradual clearing and warmup during the day.    Mr. Peanut spent the morning sitting on the table next to me as I read the paper.  I would read the comics and editorials to him; he would look at my face as I droned on about rising gas  prices and unemployment rates.

Some time in the early evening Mr. P snacked on some crunchie munchies then went out to the back yard.  He’d usually follow the walk around the yard, behind the shed, along the fence and back to the steps.  I was busy and didn’t see where he went.  Late,r when I called him to come in, he never showed.

Tonight, for no real reason, I walked to the back of the property and looked around .  There I saw him.  He was laying down, as if asleep.  Peaceful.

Mr. Peanut had gone back there to be alone, laid down, as if to take a nap.

So tonight the cats came in early, they seemed to know we were sad and their mood was subdued.  I’ll miss him, his funny meow that sounded like he was saying “hel – low”.