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Its late spring here in Northern California and that generally means we are in the dry half of the year.   The Oak Court Cats are ready for the nice weather and usually head out at sunrise, coming back to the house for a snack or a drink.  Fatty and the Big Guy will spend 10 hours a day out in the back, patrolling the yard, keeping track of all comings and goings in the neighborhood and, oh yeah, a lot of sleeping in shady spots.

Last Wednesday, however, we had a weather front come through and leave us with close to a half inch of rain.  The rain comes very late in the season; not expected by either the weatherperson or by the Court Cats."Where is my umbrella?"

As can be seen in the picture, the Big Guy wasn’t particularly happy.  I took the pictures around 4:00 in the afternoon, when he usually goes out on the afternoon patrol.  He sat there at the back door for a hour, waiting for the rain to let up; he needed to be out there but wasn’t too excited about getting soaked.

The rain finally stopped after dark and he went out for a while, working his way through the yard, the neighbor’s yard, the front yard and several other places.  When he finally came in he was quite wet.  The grass is long and his coat is shaggy (hasn’t started to shed yet).

He was, however, quite satisfied that he managed to spend a little time out side before the end of the day and found a quiet corner of the bed and went to sleep.The Big Guy is not happy with the rain