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Another summer on the Court is nearing an end.  The weather has been cool these last few weeks and the cats are busy policing the court, looking for the occasional mouse or mole that attempts to settle here.  Blutto

Mr. Big (resident Maine Coon) is showing a bit of his age these days.  At 10 he’d be comparable to a human age of 56; no longer as energetic as he was when he first arrived here.  Like the other feline residents here, Mr. Big tends to sleep 18 or so hours a day.  Also have noticed that he is becoming a house cat now; not spending much time outside; prefers to watch the world from the comfort of the front window.

The cranky old torti will celebrate her 15th birthday in a week. She goes out occasionally to remind the younger cats that she is still the alpha and commands some respect.  Occasionally she’ll ask to be let out on the porch and will find her way around to the backyard, offering Precoous at 15advice to the younger cats while inspecting the fence, reviewing the kittens and complaining about the finches that congregate outside her window.  When satisfied that all is in order, she waits by the back door to be let back in.  She will sit on the kitchen floor and give me a full report on what she has seen.  She has taken to giving me long narratives, sometimes meowing in sentences of 5 to 10 seconds; a conversation may take 10 minutes until she’s talked out.

The feral community that lives on the other side of the fence is still with us, visiting daily for a handout and a nap on the chairs under the tree.  The population continues to shrink; a year ago there were 21 cats and now there are 11 remaining.  We did get a number of new kitties back in May but some were ‘kidnapped’ by the humans while a few just disappeared.

It’s time to start trapping again as there are 2 older females that have not been T-N-R’d.  Would like to fix the recent arrivals as well.

Have been asked about domesticating the ferals and giving them a chance at a home but, after some research and many attempts to get close to them, these ferals are not about to become someoMeal Timene’s pet.  As they are very social and have strong relationships within the colony, they don’t seem interested in getting close to us.

I’ve watched the adults when the kittens are about; 2 or 3 of the older cats will be close at hand, keeping an eye on the little ones.  It looks like they take turns watching and teaching the young cats how to bathe, fight and hunt.

The colony spends their days enjoying the sun, the naps and an occasional meal here.  They do not mix with the resident cats; it is as if they know they are just visitors and at some point will move on.  Ferals come and go.

Mean while Precious has just woke up from a nap and demands fresh food in the bowl.  I guess when you’re that age, you can pretty much get what you want.

It’s already the 2nd week of August on the Court.  The cats are doing well.

The temperature has been running a few degrees cooler than normal.  The nights have been in the mid-50s and the days rarely over 82.  The Maine Coons have lost a lot of their heavy coats; Blutto looks to be half the cat he was back in January.

Missey isn’t a fan of the cool nights and spends her days sitting in a sunny window.  She celebrated her 13th birthday 2 weeks ago (I served up a dish of her favorite wet food for the occasion).  According to a chart that I found on the wiki, her age, in human years, is about 70. On the Court she is the Alpha; none of the other cats will cross her path nor will they disturb her when she sleeps.   Age has it’s privileges.

The sibling cats are doing well; the female spend her days outside.  Her territory covers includes our house as well as the neighbor’s houses on both sides.  She patrols from sunrise to sunset; coming in only to eat and drink.  Her brother, on the other hand, goes out into the back yard but doesn’t leave the back yard at all.

And Precious, her territory covers the entire court.  Of all the Oak Court Cats, she has the largest territory.  As the prominent hunter on the Court, she covers the most ground.

This summer we have some guests. A trio of Peregrine Falcons has settled into the tall pines up at the end of the block.  There’s a small park with a number of older pines and the 3 birds can be seen roosting on the higher branches or flying around the neighborhood.  The squirrels in our yard tend to be more cautious these days (Not sure but I think the squirrel population had been reduced a bit). More of them are coming into the back of the house when looking for handouts.  they used to stand on the picnic table and wait for someone to toss some peanuts out.  Now they come inside the back door, where the birds can’t see them and wait for peanuts.

Blutto sits on the sidewalk, in plain view, and stares at the birds as they fly around the back; it’s as if he’s telling them that this is his territory and they need to move on.  At his size and strength I would imaging it would be a good battle should one of the birds come down for a closer look.  Hopefully they won’t and life will go on.

Anyway, it’s late and the cats are settling in for the night.  I’ll post this and call it a day myself.