The Court was wet and cold most of the day; rain fall since early  morning had kept the cats in doors most of the day.  Sometime after 3:00, the sky lightened up, the misting stopped and the herd (or is it a pride) of cats headed outside.  Well, most of them.

The Maine Coon had been out in the back most of the morning; he’s got such a thick coat he doesn’t mind the dampness.  While the Queen made no effort to leave the warm confines of a blanket on the sofa, the others dashed out into the yard.  The mottled brown Tonkinese sat under the bar-b-que grill while the tabby sat on the back step and surveyed the back yard.

When the rain stopped completely and the sidewalks  dried off a bit, the squirrels started to come down from the pines for peanuts.  We’ve gotten into the habit of tossing a hand full of unsalted nuts out for the blue jays and squirrels.  They have learned to listen for the rattle of the peanut can and come running; as if it were  a dinner bell and we were calling a bunch of little kids in for a meal.

The big cat, the Maine Coon, hangs out in the yard when the critters come for dinner.  Now, in case you’re thinking that it’s dangerous for the squirrels to be in the yard with the cat, don’t worry about it.  The squirrels are much faster than the big guy.  By the time he gets his 20 or so pounds moving, they’re long gone.

Sitting in the doorway I watch the poor guy as he goes into a crouch and tries to work his way closer to the prey.  He’s not as graceful as other cats, due to his size.  He also  makes enough noise and gives his intended victims ample warning.  After a year of this “dance” some of the squirrels now run at him and he’ll turn and lumber away.  Eventually the big guy tires of the game and trots back into the house for a kitty crunchie snack.

The other cats don’t chase the squirrels; the herd learned a long time ago they put up a pretty good fight and there is always a bowl of food in the kitchen. I don’t think the big guy has figured it out yet.  Or maybe he has; chasing squirrels  is just his way of  having some fun out there.