Ok, the saying is to let sleeping dogs lie but, on the court, it’s sleeping cats.

As I get older I’ve learned to enjoy the nap; those minutes where you can comfortably doze off in the middle of the day.  You wake up refreshed, recharged and have the energy to tackle new challenges.  The cats that reside here are experts on the nap.

Yes, that's a 20 pound cat sleeping on the ledge.

Where does a 20 pound Maine Coon sleep? Anywhere he pleases.   The big guy prefers to sleep in a place where he can keep an eye out for the other cats.  the better places are off limits to him.  The other cats have seniority and get the best places; he gets to choose from what’s left.  Yes, he’s sleeping in the ledge above the window, a favorite place.

The Queen sleeps where she wishes, when she wishes and for however long she wishes.  There are times she will occupy a comfortable spot for 10 or more hours.  As she is the alpha, the other cats will stay clear or, on special occasions, join her at nap time.  Of course, if she decides to nap on the bed, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa that night.

They wanted to sleep in the bed, I got the sofa.

The Oak Court Cats don’t restrict sleeping to the house.  Nope.  I’ve come up on them sleeping in flower beds, on the neighbor’s lawn chairs and other’s porches.  Nothing is off limits to a cat requiring a nap.

Well, all this talk about napping has convinced me that I need a nap.