The Oak Court Cats eat well.  That is as far as quantity goes.  Or, maybe I should say they eat a lot.  Yep, lets leave it that way; the Oak Court Cats eat alot!.  I went to the pet store today to stock up 2 weeks worth of goodies.  No, the cats didn’t go along; they know when they are taken to the car they’ll be going to the vet.

Two weeks worth of food and kitty litter will just about fill the trunk:

  • 14 of the 3.5 ounce cans (Please include a few cans of the white fish with sauce)
  • A 16 pound bag of crunchie munchies
  • 25 pound box of kitty litter (they prefer the clumping litter)
  • 2 of the expensive bags of treats. (I believe they can identify the generic treats by the color of the bag)

I’d like to take them to the store at least once.  Would be fun to see them react to the presence of dogs.  Blutto, the Maine Coon, has met a few dogs on the court and doesn’t seem to be afraid of them.  He is bigger than most of them anyway.  Missey and Precious don’t like dogs and will take shelter when one of the neighborhood dogs is out and about.

Sleeping, probably dreaming about the next kill.

While they like the watch me unload the car, carry the food into the house and put it away, they haven’t been much help getting the job done.  The tabby will sit up on the freezer, right below the shelf and watch each and every can being put up.  Occasionally he’ll reach out with his paw and stop me so that he can perform a ‘cat scan’.

They do their best to let us know when the crunchie munchie feeder is running low.  One of the herd , Mr Worf, would sit in the kitchen, staring at the empty bowl until it was refilled.  He’d stay on watch for hours until one of us filled it up again.  The tabby raises the alarm, usually at 3:00 in the morning, by sitting in the hallway and howling

Precious, deals with dinner in her own way.  Just like the African lioness, Precious  hunts for the pride.  Every couple of days we’ll see the remains of something she caught and killed in the kitchen, near the cat’s food bowls.  Occasionally, however, we are alerted to her hunting by mysterious bumps in the carpetg.  She finds it necessary to store a late night snack under the rug.

Tonight’s feeding was uneventful.  The herd showed up around sunset, waited for a new can to be put into the bowls.  Once they had their fill they dispersed again, some to the living room and a post meal nap while others went out to do what ever cats did when out on the court.